Writing is a way of finding out what one really thinks.

As a reader of literature, I’ve decided to do two things.

1. Try, as much as I may, to wipe clean old ideas, biases, tastes, and preconceptions, and approach literature with open freshness.  Abandoning prejudices doesn’t call for empty thoughtlessness, but a creative openness to developing new thoughtfulness.

2. I’m no longer going to decide what novels to read: I’ll let the universe (or, more concretely, my social circle) do it for me.  I’ll read the books that are recommended to me, or that are given to me, or that in some cases, the serendipitous, barely audible music of the cosmos calls me to read.

I will write about the books I read here; it is both literary diary and literary criticism.  This is a way to force myself to write about reading.


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